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Why Should I Choose a Brazilian Butt Lift Over Butt Implants?

Posted May 23, 2023 in Brazilian Butt LIft

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One of the most common aesthetic improvements many women (and some men) desire is a larger, more shapely, and voluminous backside. 

Whether to better fill out clothing (like dresses, bikinis, or regular pants) or to improve confidence and comfort, there are several cosmetic options for enhancing the size and shape of your derrière, with the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) and butt implants being the two most popular and notable. 

Woman with a shapely buttock, wearing a white thong and pulling a measuring tape around her backside

While both of these cosmetic procedures alter the shape and increase the roundness and volume of the buttocks, they are not interchangeable, and there are benefits to each treatment. 

Let’s look at these two procedures and discuss which may be right for you.

What Is the Difference Between a Brazilian Butt Lift and Butt Implants?

Both of these procedures are effective for enhancing the size, shape, and appearance of the butt. 

That being said, they augment the backside in very different ways. With a Brazilian Butt Lift, fat is extracted from another area of your body with liposuction surgery, processed (cleaned of impurities), and injected into various areas of your buttocks. This option is known for creating the complete hourglass figure, which has been considered “ideal” for ages.

Butt implants, on the other hand, are specialized silicone implants inserted inside the gluteus muscle to provide you with the added volume you desire.

Why Is a Brazilian Butt Lift a Better Option for Most Patients?

Dr. Porshinsky recommends the Brazilian Butt Lift for his patients for several reasons. 

First, liposuction (lipo 360) removes fat from another area of your body (usually the abdomen, hips, lower back, or thighs) with the Brazilian Butt Lift, so you can achieve body contouring in that area. 

Another benefit of a Brazilian Butt Lift is that patients can achieve more customizable results. Dr. Porshinsky can control the amount of fat injected as well as the placement of the fat in the buttocks.

Lastly, a Brazilian Butt Lift is often a better choice for patients because no foreign objects are inserted into your body. Instead, you are achieving your cosmetic improvement with your own fat. Because of this, there is no risk of your body experiencing any adverse reactions.

Dr. Porshinsky specializes in large-volume BBLs. He specializes in this procedure and can achieve much more significant augmentation than many other BBL surgeons. Because of this, you can experience the noticeable body contouring and augmentation results you want.  

Which Patients Can Benefit From Butt Implants? 

Just because Dr. Porshinsky often recommends a Brazilian Butt Lift to his patients doesn’t mean that butt implants are an incorrect choice for some patients. 

In fact, butt implants are recommended for patients who want to enhance the look of their buttocks but do not have enough fat to transfer with a BBL procedure. 

It is also important to note that butt implants can be used alongside a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure to help patients achieve a more dramatic enhancement. 

Before deciding which procedure is correct for you, it is important to schedule your consultation. At your consultation, Dr. Porshinsky will listen to your aesthetic goals and determine the best approach for you and your desires.

Want to Learn More About Butt Augmentation?

If you are interested in improving the size, shape, and volume of your backside or you have questions about any of the other body contouring procedures Dr. Porshinsky offers, then call Aria Cosmetic Surgery at (314) 649-5419 or use our online form here.

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