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Can Temporary Butt Injections Rival the BBL?

Posted September 15, 2023 in Brazilian Butt LIft

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Are all cosmetic injections created equal? Well, the answer might surprise you!

Rear view of a woman's backside while a cosmetic surgeon holds a syringe against her buttocks

When it comes to enhancing the buttocks, plastic surgery patients have a few options, most of which include some kind of injection that provides volume and shape. Temporary butt injections are a popular choice, but this option has a few issues when compared to the transformative Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL). 

What Are Temporary Butt Injections?

If you dislike the look of your behind and desire a more ample, curvy figure, you might be considering butt injections. Like other injections designed to add volume and plumpness, butt injections are designed to amplify the buttocks. 

Temporary butt injections typically utilize some form of FDA-approved volumizing formula (a popular option is Sculptra® Aesthetic) and is celebrated as a non-surgical solution to flat backsides. With these, patients can see a mild improvement with no incisions and limited downtime. 

But how does it compare to other options?

For one, temporary butt injections are just that — temporary. Just like other dermal fillers, Sculptra® is processed by the body over time, providing short-term results. 

Additionally, the volumized appearance of the buttocks is much more subtle than options like the BBL. Your plastic surgeon or injector can provide mild improvement, but that’s about it. 

While many non-surgical alternatives to surgeries can be appealing for those who do not want the recovery or price tag of the real thing, the maintenance of these non-surgical treatments ends up making the cost about the same, if not more, over time. 

Benefits of the BBL

The Brazilian Butt Lift is the preferred method of butt augmentation for multiple reasons. You may already know that the BBL procedure also involves injections; however, these injections involve fat grafting and are a much more permanent solution. 

The BBL Procedure

One of the most appealing benefits of the BBL is simply the nature of the procedure — it’s actually two body contouring procedures in one. 

Your board-certified plastic surgeon begins your BBL by harvesting fat from another area of the body with stubborn fat. Often, fat is removed from the circumference of the midsection, including the abdomen, waist, and flanks. By removing fat deposits from these areas, Dr. Porshinsky can narrow the waist, resulting in a more defined hourglass figure. 

Dr. Porshinsky is an expert body contouring and BBL specialist; he will use his experience with liposuction to remove fat in the target area, contouring and smoothing for an ideal result. 

Once the fat has been removed with liposuction, Dr. Porshinky will re-inject it into your backside and lateral thighs and hips in a precise process that adds volume, contour, and an alluring shape. 

So, not only are you receiving a boost to your backside, but you are also getting the benefit of liposuction in a concentrated area for an all-over body sculpting experience that can give you a seductive hourglass figure that temporary injections alone cannot. 

With a BBL, you can:

  • See a significant improvement in the lift, shape, and volume of the buttocks
  • Enjoy long-lasting and, in some cases, permanent improvement
  • Rest assured that the procedure is safe as it uses fat from your own body rather than silicone or another substance
  • Get two procedures in one, slimming and contouring in one area and volumizing the buttocks
  • Know your money is well-spent as there is less chance of maintenance or touch-ups

Which Butt Augmentation Option Is Right for You?

Dr. Brian Porshinsky is an expert in body contouring procedures, including the BBL. He has trained specifically in this procedure and is committed to providing stunning and safe results to his BBL patients. 

If you want to augment your buttocks, Dr. Porshinsky can guide you based on your specific concerns and goals.  

Interested in Learning More About the BBL in St. Louis, MO?

Dr. Porshinsky and the entire team at Aria Cosmetic Surgery are committed to providing you with compassionate and optimum care, from consultation to post-operative care. If you would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Porshinsky or to get more information, call us today at (314) 649-5419 or fill out our online contact form.