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About Dr. Brian Porshinsky

Brian Porshinsky, M.D., is a double board-certified plastic surgeon with over 10 years of experience. He became interested in plastic surgery while in college when he realized that plastic surgery would allow him to help patients with functional and aesthetic problems. It took him over a decade of training through medical school, residency, and three fellowships to accomplish his goal. Since then, he has continued to hone his skills by specializing in cosmetic surgery, which are among the most complex and delicate of all plastic surgery procedures.

Dr. Porshinsky loves seeing his patients achieve the aesthetic results they desire. He thrives on the challenges posed by cosmetic surgery and takes great pride in seeing his patients’ satisfied faces as they observe their results. His decision to specialize in cosmetic surgery was based on the field’s challenging nature and the amount of good a skilled surgeon could provide to patients in need.

He lives with his wife and daughter in Westwood, Missouri, only a few blocks away from his surgical suite in Creve Coeur. In his spare time, Dr. Porshinsky enjoys playing piano and tennis as well as collecting antiques.

Education and Fellowship Training

Dr. Porshinsky received his medical degree from the University of Toledo College of Medicine in 1999 and went on to complete his residency in general surgery there.

He has completed the following fellowships:

  • The University of Illinois at Chicago for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  • New York Presbyterian Hospital for Burn Surgery and Critical Care
  • Ohio State University Medical Center in Columbus, OH, for Surgical Critical Care

Certifications and Associations

Dr. Porshinsky is a double board-certified plastic surgeon associated with several prominent plastic surgery organizations. These include the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Burn Association. He served as the Assistant Professor of Surgery and the Associate Director at Ohio State University’s Burn Center. At Mercy Hospital St. Louis he was the Associate Director of the Mercy Burn Center for 10 years.


As part of his academic work, Dr. Porshinsky published articles in peer-reviewed journals plastic and reconstructive techniques.

His published works include:

“Abdominal Wall Reconstruction with Free Flaps”


Dr. Porshinsky specializes in the following surgical nose procedures:


This procedure can change the size, shape, and projection of the nose. These adjustments often affect the appearance of the face’s overall contours and proportions. Dr. Porshinsky is also highly experienced in ethnic rhinoplasty and takes into account the physical differences and cultural variation among patients. He can perform teenage rhinoplasty as well for younger patients who want to correct physical nose imperfections due to injuries or genetics.

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Revision Rhinoplasty (Secondary Rhinoplasty)

This procedure is performed to correct damage caused by poor healing or a prior rhinoplasty procedure.

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