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Teenage Rhinoplasty in St. Louis

Many teens find that their appearance does not match their desires as they mature. This may be a natural part of the aging process, but there are times when the concerns are more concrete than teen angst.

The nose is one of the most defining features of the face, and during the teenage years, it grows dramatically. Sometimes, the nose grows in a way that results in aesthetic or functional concerns. Usually, this occurs when the septum (the cartilage dividing the nostrils) grows unevenly, forming bumps or ridges, or when the cartilage around the tip of the nose grows too large, resulting in a sagging nasal tip.

These conditions can create major aesthetic issues that may severely impact a teen’s mental health, social well-being, and more. Fortunately, Dr. Porshinsky can correct many of these issues with teenage rhinoplasty.

What Are the Benefits of Teenage Rhinoplasty?

The main advantage of teen rhinoplasty is the aesthetic benefit of having a nose that fits a patient’s face. Facial symmetry is one of the most significant measures of physical attractiveness in the western world, and a teen rhinoplasty can correct and enhance facial symmetry in a subtle and highly effective way.

Teenage rhinoplasty can usually be performed once the nose is fully grown. This usually occurs at age 14 or 15 for girls and 15 or 16 for boys.

How Is Teenage Rhinoplasty Performed?

The first step in any plastic surgery is a consultation. During this meeting with Dr. Porshinsky, the patient, and the patient’s parent or guardian will discuss rhinoplasty goals and desires. In response, Dr. Porshinsky will evaluate the nasal structure to ensure that teen nose surgery will safely and effectively fulfill their needs.

Teenage rhinoplasty is performed under general anesthesia to ensure a painless operation. An incision will be made under the nasal tip (across the columella) to allow Dr. Porshinsky to lift the nasal skin.

He will then adjust the bone, cartilage, and skin, using a combination of grafts, excision methods, or physical reshaping as required.

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How Long Does Recovery From Teenage Rhinoplasty Take?

Following the operation, most patients experience swelling and discomfort for three to five days. Most patients can resume daily activities within one to two weeks, but rigorous activities should be avoided for six to eight weeks to ensure the cartilage has time to settle into its new form.

What Are the Results of Teenage Rhinoplasty?

The initial results of a teen rhinoplasty should be visible within three to six weeks following the operation. Final results may take six months to a year to fully develop. The result of a teen rhinoplasty is a more symmetrical, aesthetically pleasing appearance and increased nasal functionality.

Want to Learn More About Teenage Rhinoplasty?

Dr. Porshinsky is the nasal surgery expert in the Mercy Plastic Surgery Group. If you are interested in learning more about surgical options to treat nasal aesthetic concerns, you can schedule a consultation with Dr. Porshinsky by calling his office at (314) 251-5570. You may also fill out this online form.

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