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Buttock Reduction in St. Louis, MO

Disproportionate or overly large buttocks can detract from your overall appearance, causing discomfort and frustration. If you want a more sculpted, slimmer backside, Dr. Porshinsky can enhance your natural curves and reshape your contours with buttock reduction surgery in St. Louis.

What Is Buttock Reduction?

Buttock reduction is a minimally invasive surgery that removes unwanted fat from the butt with liposuction. Dr. Porshinsky can eliminate specific areas of fat from the body, providing a slimmer, more contoured silhouette.

Why Should I Choose Dr. Brian Porshinsky for My Buttock Reduction?

A buttock reduction procedure, while minimally invasive, takes skill and an expert hand for optimum results. During the procedure, it’s important not to remove too much fat from the buttocks, which can cause sagging skin and unnatural-looking results.

Dr. Porshinsky realizes how precise this procedure must be to provide the ideal contour to the backside. His vast experience with liposuction and Brazilian Butt Lifts (BBL) ensures his skill in targeting the exact amount of fat as well as his eye for the crafting the ideal sculpted buttocks.

At Aria Cosmetic Surgery, your safety and satisfaction come first. Dr. Porshinsky conducts in-depth consultations to guarantee communication with his patients while providing optimal results for buttock reduction surgery.

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What Are the Benefits of a Buttock Reduction?

If you are struggling with oversized or disproportionate buttocks, a buttock reduction can sculpt your ideal figure.

The buttock reduction procedure:

  • Removes unwanted pockets of fat in the buttocks
  • Reduces overall size and width of the buttocks for a slimmer physique
  • Can provide a more even surface for the buttocks
  • Contours the buttocks for a more pleasing appearance
  • Slims the backside for more comfort
  • Can increase symmetry in the whole body

Liposuction is a tried and true method of fat removal. Through this quick and minimally invasive procedure, Dr. Porshinsky can slim your backside for a boost to your confidence, a renewed and youthful figure, and elevated comfort with your body.

What Are Your Buttock Reduction Options?

Buttock reduction surgery is a customized procedure. Dr. Porshinsky can eliminate specific pockets of fat or provide a more cohesive slimming result to the sides, upper portion, or bottom of the backside.

Am I a Candidate for Buttock Reduction?

If you are uncomfortable by large or disproportionate buttocks and want a slimmer, more contoured figure, buttock reduction is a fantastic option.

Candidates for buttock reduction surgery should have excess fat or a large backside, be in generally good health, be close to their ideal weight, and not smoke. Liposuction or buttock reduction surgery should not be considered weight-loss solutions — these procedures are intended to contour and shape the body.

How Is Buttock Reduction Performed?

Buttock reduction surgery is generally an outpatient procedure performed with general or local anesthesia. Dr. Porshinsky makes small incisions in specific areas of the buttocks before inserting a small cannula and vacuuming excess fat.

The result is a slimmer, contoured backside that gives you a more well-proportioned figure.

How Long Is Buttock Reduction Recovery?

Similar to other liposuction procedures, buttock reduction recovery is relatively quick. You can expect some bruising, swelling, and soreness in the area. Most patients feel considerably better after one week, but movement should be restricted for a few weeks after surgery.

When Will I See My Buttock Reduction Results?

You may notice immediate changes to the size and shape of your backside following your buttock reduction surgery. However, expect to see full results after your swelling has subsided, about a month post-op.

Want to Learn More About the Buttock Reduction Procedure With Dr. Porshinsky in St. Louis?

Dr. Porshinsky is an expert body contouring and facial plastic surgeon serving the St. Louis area. To learn more about buttock reduction surgery, financing, and other procedures available, call Aria Cosmetic Surgery at (314) 649-5419 or fill out our online contact form.