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Can Temporary Butt Injections Rival the BBL?

Posted September 15, 2023 in Brazilian Butt LIft

4-Minute Read: Are all cosmetic injections created equal? Well, the answer might surprise you! When it comes to enhancing the buttocks, plastic surgery patients have a few options, most of which include some kind of injection that provides volume and shape. Temporary butt injections are a popular choice, but this option has a few issues […]

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How to Combine Liposuction With a BBL for a Perfect Summer Body

Posted August 21, 2023 in Brazilian Butt LIft, Liposuction

3-Minute Read: It’s easy to see why the BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) has gained popularity in the world of plastic surgery: a curvy, voluptuous backside increases confidence, exudes feminine allure, and compliments every outfit.  The results speak for themselves, but what’s really great about this procedure is that it’s actually a combination of two surgical […]

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Why Should I Choose a Brazilian Butt Lift Over Butt Implants?

Posted May 23, 2023 in Brazilian Butt LIft

3-Minute Read: One of the most common aesthetic improvements many women (and some men) desire is a larger, more shapely, and voluminous backside.  Whether to better fill out clothing (like dresses, bikinis, or regular pants) or to improve confidence and comfort, there are several cosmetic options for enhancing the size and shape of your derrière, […]

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How Much Is Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery in St. Louis?

Posted April 20, 2023 in Brazilian Butt LIft

3-Minute Read: Many women are frustrated with the lackluster size and shape of their backsides. And while exercises can help you firm up your butt, not everyone can achieve their desired goals with exercise alone — especially if your goals involve fuller, rounder buttocks.  However, plastic surgery procedures can help you achieve your aesthetic goals, and […]

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Posted April 15, 2021 in News

Welcome to the new website for Aria Cosmetic Surgery. We are excited you are here! We hope you enjoy browsing our website to learn more about the different plastic surgery procedures we offer. We look forward to sharing the latest developments in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery and answering some of our patients’ most […]

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